Fashion design is one of the easiest specialties and all designers should use their creative ideas help to make it marketable products and find out the quality of the workmanship. As a concept fashion design is an art form but in reality it's a craft. It can be greater than jewellery making.

The designer plagues a concept, an concept, which usually follows a manner brief. Either a full range is designed, where all garments must be united or a once off dress is done. Even when the kids are designing a garment individually, there already is a certain context. Example: when creating trousers, is it for summer or for winter? Is it night or evening pants? Is it simple and contemporary or posh and fancy or could it be classic?

The purpose of CRE Preference design school programs is for students to develop their own signature style, which is a reflection of one's individuality and is also an extension of good learner's interests and sizes.

Designers find inspiration in fields seemingly out of the fashion field, such because music, cinema, art, photography or even one's daily life. Reading fashion magazines and knowing the current trends is healthy, but should not be overdone as our brains will inevitably copy compose ideas.

Each design will abide by specific brief from a client or with the fashion brand, usually considering the seasonal trends. The designer plagues a certain concept, a visual of the cut and the black mold. Then decisions are required by the main colours, fabrics and it has. Example: style lines, pockets etc. Further on in terms of the supporting colours, fabrics and it has must be highlighted, Example: decoration, gathering, slits etc. The visual in an individual's mind is moving with endless variations and a lot ones must be announced, however it is not possible that the image puts up with still and turned lead, back and imagined concluded, this is why has got draw. The student begins with a Fashion illustration, or perhaps the creative interpretation of the look idea.

Then the design circle follows by using Technical drawing, where just how much fabrics are chosen. Then Pattern making and Attire construction (Cutting & Sewing) follow.



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