Although they are a heck of the many fun to play under, RC helicopters like the Draganflyer is saving success and solving crimes. It saves lives through the elimination of human exposure to hazards so helping solve crime by sacrificing investigators a bird's human eye view.

Draganflyer-x8 is an 7 bladed RC helicopter that carries a digital video transmission IP camcorder. This means it normally requires digital photos while too recording video. It may even carry infrared and unethical cameras for night discover and rescue operations. Four brushless electric makers power eight counter rotating carbon fibre rotor blades which lets the Draganfly endure the air with controlled noise. This makes it the most convenient recon platform for swat teams who require to gather intelligence becoming detected. Draganfly's phenomenal stability but in addition maneuverability is achieved by varying the velocity of each individual rotor and a lot of on board sensors to include GPS, one barometric sensor, three accelerometers, three gyros, and also three magnetometers. Engage the hover hold function which will GPS will lock the Draganfly for your personal three dimensional position so long as needed. Another remarkable feature together with the RC helicopter is its ability to auto land.

So who is from this technology and what are they using it for?

1. Procedures Enforcement

繚 Accident scene analysis
繚 Prison scene analysis
繚 Swat company recon
繚 Bomb squad recon

2. Open fireplace and Emergency Services

繚 Fire flames damage assessment
繚 Hazmat recon
繚 Relationship investigation
繚 Fire scene control

3. Families Applications

繚 Golf course promotion
繚 Property promotion
繚 Property assessment

4. Professional Photography and Video

繚 Costly life
繚 Weddings
繚 Music videos
繚 News media
繚 Advertising

5. Education

繚 Forth UAV research
繚 Colleges
繚 Universities
繚 Technology institutes

Ok, so you still be set to a RC helicopter is simply a toy? What if one of our toy weighed 6, 000 weight. and was powered basically an 813 shaft horsepower Rolls Royce turbine destination? It would be normally Fire-x, The Northrop Grumman amazing Bell Textron-owned vertical unmanned suck in system (VUAS).

Fire-x is really a fully autonomous unmanned heli. It combines all the outstanding capabilities to your Bell 407 with the us Navy's Northrop Grumman MQ-8B fires Scout UAV. This meaning the Fire-x can carry a useful load associated with the 3, 000 lbs. or recon a lot 16 hours or bring 2500 lbs. of internal or external cargo a lot 110 nm. On November 10, 2010 at is Yuma Proving Grounds if the AZ. the fire-x lifted off in my ballet shoes. With many more tests to go the fire-x is not even close operational yet but in an airplane only 11 months after its inception is a wonderful start.

Imagine your child utilizing their biggest smile you have ever seen on their face when he dive and climb that RC helicopter interior back yard. Now picture a united states Special Forces Ranger guiding his Fire-x via the mountains.

So I will ask again, RC helicopters, real life dolls or tools?



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